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Policies and "Server"/"Workstation" Sections

I'm running ePo 4.

Does anyone else think it is strange that each Policy has both a Server and a Workstation section? It's a real pain for me to keep each half of the policy in sync.

The issue is that some of my end users run Windows 2003 Server on their desktops, but I want to treat their systems like all other desktop workstations with regard to AV policies. So I have created an "End User" AV Policy that applies to the Groups containing these systems, yet I have to set each Policy setting twice (once under the Server section, and again under the Workstation section)

I have the opposite problem with my servers. Some of my build "servers" are running WinXP, but I want their AV policies to be the same as my build servers running Windows 2003. So I have a "Build Server" AV Policy that I also have to worry about keeping the Server and Workstation sections in sync.

Am I just using ePo incorrectly? Or is this a frustration that other people have with ePo as well? Any suggested workarounds? Or is there a way to easily copy the "Workstation" settings of a Policy to the "Server" settings of the same Policy?