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Please Clear My Doubts

i'm having some doubts here

1. Can any one clearly explain the difference between Agent handler and super agent

as for as i know super agent can be changed to Distributed repositiry so we can share the master repository to them so that can reduce the network utilization.

is ther any other difference please elabarate

2. Benefits of regististering servers like LDAP and ePO server.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Please Clear My Doubts

1) A superagent is a normal agent with a number of additional abilities: it can host a repository, and it can send messages to other agents on the same subnet.

An agent handler is a much more powerful entity which can handle full agent communications: so it can receive properties and events from machines, and send policies and tasks.

2) I'm not sure I understand the question - there are not really any benefits as such: instead, if you want to use certain features in ePO, you have to register a server to enable that. So if you want to do rollup reporting, you need to register an ePO server, and so on.



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Level 14

Re: Please Clear My Doubts


I believe this will clear your mind a little bit more.

1.Registered LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server to use Policy Assignment Rules, to enable dynamically assigned permission sets, and to enable Active Directory

2.Register additional McAfee ePO servers for use with your main McAfee ePO server to collect or

aggregate data.



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