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Permissions: Extended Task Details

EPO 4.1

Have an EPO group which I have given two users permissions to manage. Having an issue looking at server task log details. They can look at the server task log and the server task log details (indv records) but cannot look at the extended task details within a record. They get "you are not authorized for this operation". I was able to verify.

Looking at permissions I've allowed them:
Create, edit, view, run, and terminate any server tasks; view and purge Server Task Log under the "Server Tasks".

Is there a permission I missed?

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RE: Permissions: Extended Task Details

Not sure if he ever found an answer for this, but I have the same issue, we are at EPO 4.0 and can’t figure out why the user's we created can’t view the Extended Task Details. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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