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Patch task for VSE 8.7 fails only on Windows 2008 servers

We have ONE patch task for VSE 8.7 patch 5 in EPO (all machines get it)

The patch deploys successfully to all workstations and 2003 servers.

But for some reason Windows 2008 R2 servers don't get patched.

The only thing I see in the epo logs are a simple:

The Task     VSE 8.7 Patch task failed

That's it.  Nothing as to WHY.

Can you not use EPO to patch VSE 8.7 on Windows 2008 R2 servers?

EPO 4.5 and McAfee agent

You can manually run the setup.exe for the patch and it'll work fine.

Content repo is valid since all the other machines got the patch from it okay.