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Level 7

PKI Authentication

I am trying to configure my ePO server to accept smart card login. I have performed the following steps thus far:

-- Menu -> Server Settings -> Certificate Based Authentication -> Edit

-- Under second field, uploaded root CA pkcs7 certificate file

-- Checked "enable certificate based authentication"

-- Restart Server

-- Menu -> Users -> <user> -> Actions -> Edit

-- Changed Authentication type from "Windows Authentication" to "Certificate Based Authentication"

-- Loaded user certificate that chains back to root CA from above

After all of these steps were completed, I open the ePO console from a web browser (Edge, FF, Chrome, and IE tried) and am prompted for my smart card and PIN. I enter my PIN, and it seems to accept it -- however, I am deposited on the login screen rather than being signed in to the dashboard. Because I have CBA enabled for the user, I am unable to login with traditional credentials. I have tried this with several different test users, and different combinations of certificates. Please advise!

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