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Outlook says invalid AV


We have epo 4.5 which I just started to deploy the agents and the VS.

We have outlook 2007 on clients (exchenge 2008).

When go to outlook Tools | Trust Centre | Progrematic Access there is a warning:

"Antivirus status: Invalid. This version of windows supports antivirus detection, but no antivirus found"

Prior to deployment in production in tests we made we found the preformence is very much effected if the policy "On Delivery Email scan" is enabled. At the moment it disabled as we scan all emails on the excahnge and the gateway prior to get into client.

Also it is intersting that in domain of another company we deal with the email scan policy is disabled as well, yet the Antivirus status in the client outlook is valid.

Can someone please suggest what can be the reason, how can I ensure that we do not get this outlook error that the AV is not valid and of-course we make sure we have AV protection. Once agian 0 there must be way to achieve that without the mail scan policy, as I see this in other domain.


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Re: Outlook says invalid AV

Here's another thread on the same issue:

Doesn't look like anyone has a solution yet.