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Other causes for "Unable to find any valid repository" events from clients?

I've been tracking this for a few weeks now, but it seems to be a bit difficult to pin down...

Once every week or so, we notice a huge spike in the frequency that this client event is generated.

  • There is no correlation between locations, domains, or time zones but is distributed uniformly throughout all clients. (Agents 4.5p1)
  • I did eventually notice that the vast majority (like 99.9%) of these events have the value "N/A" in the user field.
  • It does not coincide with checking-in packages, nor replication tasks.
  • All agents use IIS repositories anonymously for their updates, none are configured to go directly to ePO.
  • All agents check for updates several times per day, and when this spike occurs it lasts for 2-3 hours.
  • Systems successfully check for updates 20-30 times per week, and receive them when there is something new, so this isn't crucial--just irritating.

Initially, I thought this might be related to the differences between regular user accounts and the system account, but I'm not entirely convinced as I have been unable to recreate the problem--short of yanking the cable from the NIC.

I'm leaning to something server-side, simply because we couldn't get that many systems to do something at the same time even if we wanted.

Any thoughts, or similar experiences?