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On access processes policy exclusions using wildcards

According to the article, it looks quite easy to add exclusions with wildcards.

But I want to exclude files that start with the extension .cs.

So exclude files like:






Reading the mentioned url (solution 3), if i want to exlcude SRTT and SRTS files by adding only **\*.SRT because of the three-character limit.

But does this also mean in my case **\*.cs is enough? Or do i need to do things like **\*.cs?  , because of the three-character limit?

Or is **\*.cs? not usable?

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Re: On access processes policy exclusions using wildcards

I would just use the "Exclude by file type" option for SRTT, and SRTS, this will cover them wherever they fall in folder paths.

As for the .cs ones, i would use a **\*.cs?