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On Demand Scan


I have set that On Demand scan shoud run everyday at 12:00 PM for all workstations. I could see that the On Demand Scan is running successfully. But the Problem is that i could see that the Number of files scanned is around 20000. My querry is if suppose it scans 1000 files on Monday, tuesday it should scan not scan the 1000 files it scanned earlier but only the newly created files after the last scan. Is this possible?

Im using ePO 4.6 with VSE 8.8 and workstations are Windows 7

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Re: On Demand Scan

Dear Kevin,

We can understand your queries but the concept is McAfee DAT will be relesed on daily bgasis with new signatures so McAfee will scan all the files with the latest update  (we cannot assure that the previous scanned file may not get infection on next day or some other days). But the cache technology has been introduced in VSE 8.8 tat too for one day if the next version of the DAT file released then the files in the cache will be flushed ).... Hope this will helps you

Re: On Demand Scan

Dear Lakshmanans,

                                       First of all i need to thank you for all your replies to my post. I did a little bit of research on this and i want to post my understanding here.

  1. On demand Scan uses the Cache of On Access Scan so that it does not need to duplicate the scan.
  2. Similarly, On Access Scan uses the Cached items of On Demand Scan.
  3. So both the On Access Scan and On Demand Scan benefits out of it resulting in lesser scanning time.

Is my understanding right if i say this- On Demand scan always scans the system with the Latest DAT version. When it does that, it completely flushes out the earlier Cache. It does not retain anything out of the earlier scan which it ran with the previous DAT Version?

Re: On Demand Scan

Hi Kevin,

Absolutely your rignt

Hope you have understood the concept.