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On-Access Scanner - Randomly Disables

Hello All,

My company uses McAfee EPO version 5.1.3 and we manage about 150 some desktops with the service. Periodically, one or two of the desktops will have the On-Access scanner disable itself. When we try to re-enable On-Access scanner from the Agent, the option is greyed out. All of the McAfee services are always running and restarting them does not fix the issue. Re-deploying the McAfee agent also does not fix the issue.

The only way we have found to fix this is to fully uninstall the agent and viruscan from each desktop with the issue and then re-deploy the McAfee software. This process is tedious, and it is also concerning that we lose the On-Access scanner on our devices for any stretch of time. This issue has been happening for at least a year now, maybe more. I have found other threads that seem to have similar issues, but I have yet to locate a solution anywhere.

I am curious to see if anyone here has experienced the same behavior or if there is an available fix.



Thanks for your time!


2 Replies

Re: On-Access Scanner - Randomly Disables

Suspecting Virus infection might be there on that PC.

Suggest you to get in touch with the support for further investigation.

Re: On-Access Scanner - Randomly Disables

This isn't just one PC that is having the issue. Usually a different desktop drops out every week or so. And again we are able to fix the issue by doing a full uninstall and reinstall, but I would like to find out why this is happening. As far as I can tell, no infections are present.

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