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On-Access Default Processes Policies


I was just wondering what your thoughts were on "On-Access Default Processes Policies" and whether to scan writing files to disk? I have disabled this and users now see a big improvement. It seems if "read" is left then it still picks up my test virues.

Does anyone else scan when writing?
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RE: On-Access Default Processes Policies

For us it's the following:

scan when writing

scan when writing
scan when reading

RE: On-Access Default Processes Policies

Thanks for this, my McAfee instructor just replied too, saying Servers make read (as malware is always actived when read/executed) and read/write for workstations.

No I'm not sure which way to go Smiley Frustrated
McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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RE: On-Access Default Processes Policies

The choice is obviously yours, but I would strongly recommend not disabling scan on reads. Generally speaking scan on writes has a higher performance hit than scan on reads, so if the reason for disabling one is performance related I'd disable scan on writes. Ideally though I'd have both enabled.