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Old ePO policy still seems to exist

For some strange reason it seems that the old policy is still embedded somewhere on a bunch of machines here.  Although the new policy is in effect.  In particular, we used to have the virus scan run at 10: am and the new policy we have running at 3: am and these machines are running the scan at both times.  We were ePO 4.0 and currently 4.5, Windows XP machines, AV 8.7  Has anyone heard of this happening before?  Perhaps there is some registry key I can delete? or any way to resolve. 

I've looked at the virus console and the current policies are applied.  I see no where to instruct the machine to run the scan at 10: am

Any help very much appreciated!!



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Re: Old ePO policy still seems to exist

A scan would be a Task, not a Policy.  I thought I remembered seeing a thread about this a while ago, but this ( is the only one I could find after a quick search, and it isn't the one I remember.  It is for older versions of ePO and VSE, but one of the posts does mention a registry location.