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Odd problem with counting computers in EPO

Hopefully Im not the only one that has this.  In Internet explorer 8 x32 bit and x64 bit on Windows 7 I just started having an issue where EPO does not count the systems at the bottom of the screen.  So if i run a report that shows 22 machines, typically at the bottom there is a item next to the actions button that tell you 22 items or if I select a handful of computers will tell you 3 of 22.  This all of a sudden stopped working, it doesnt show anything.  It is related to the browser because it works fine in Firefox.  I have deleted internet history, etc and have had no luck.  anyone had this happen or got a tip to try and resolve?

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Re: Odd problem with counting computers in EPO

I fixed it,  I noticed when I changed my IE zoom from 100 percent to 75 percent it showed up.  So I ended up do an IE reset in the the advanced settings options and it came back.  So perhaps somehow my font made it to big to fit in the windows allocated?

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Re: Odd problem with counting computers in EPO

I'm not sure, but it sounds plausible - good information to know, thanks for letting us know the solution

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