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Non complaint to complaint machines

Good Day,

New to epo

While checking on epo dashboard , I could see around 1200+ machines are in Non - Compliance. I tried to push the DAT manually and click on wake-up agents option also.

But still  condition  remains the same. I need to reduce  the Non compliance machines at least to  100 range. Kindly let me know any other trouble shooting is available to sort out this issue.

Thanks in Advance

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Level 13

Re: Non complaint to complaint machines

What are they Non-Compliant for?

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Re: Non complaint to complaint machines

The machines are not updated with latest DAT.

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Level 11

Re: Non complaint to complaint machines

Do you have a Product Update task in your Assigned Client Tasks?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Non complaint to complaint machines

You need to decide what you consider as compliant. First let us determine your actual DAT deployment status. Depending on how your "compliant" query is setup, it may give you misleading results.

Create a Pie Chart query that shows DAT version, number of managed systems.

Criteria:    (Product Version (VirusScan Enterprise) Greater than or equals "8.0" and Last Communication Is within the last 3 Days)

You can save this query. Now lets focus on defining a "compliant" query.

This is going to be a Boolean Pie Chart.

Under configure criteria :

DAT Version (VirusScan Enterprise) is NOT within X version of repository

and Last Communication is within last 1 day

Choose appropriate labels as compliant and non-compliant.

Criteria:    (Managed State Equals Managed and OS Type Does not equal "Linux" and Product Version (VirusScan Enterprise) Does not equal "0")

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