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New tool in my hands

Hello all,

I'm new here. So, I believe things I will ask are very simple to you all

We are changing our security services to Mcafee. For me it's a totaly new toll.

I have Mcafee Total Protection Essential.¨

I have already instaled EPO on my server and all my desktop computers are with Mcafee agent.

Now my question is, do I need to install in all desktops one by one the antivirus and antispyware? Or does EPO have something that do it automatically?

I still a litlle bit lost...


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Re: New tool in my hands

Hi Martinrea

As long as all the client machines have the McAfee Agent loaded you can setup EPO to take over the install of the which ever apps you like...(McAfee Apps, lol)

I suggest you read the Product Guide + Installation Guide for more information.

I found most of the functionality by just using it.... Its fairly straight forward.



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