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New ePO INstallation

Hi all, Just joined the forums, and looks like a very sensible place, first of all would like to thank you everybody who would take their time to answer. . . .
I am new to ePO 4.0 installation and have managed to get an sql server ent edition 2005 and epo 4.0 up and running from a Virtual server and have a domain with 30 pc's .
the steps i have completed were
1) AD discovery (brings in all the mahcine in the domain).
2) Checkd in vScan 8.5 installation files in the master repository.
3) sucessfully deploy ep agnt 3.6 on machines.
and sucessfully tagged all the systems and created a client task Product install(Mcafee agent)
but when i try to deploy them (running from a tag schedule run) nothing happens and the task runs and comletesbut couldnt see vSAN 8.5 installed in the machines.

dunno where i am going wrong . . .
just to add one more significant bit that the windos firewall is turne on all the systems . . .

any help is much uch appreciated . . .

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RE: New ePO INstallation

I don't know what a "tag schedule run" is. When you set up your deployment task, what schedule type did you use? With on 30 machines, you can set it to run immediately and initiate an agent wake-up.

If the computers are on and talking to the ePO server, VSE will install right away or at the next ASCI.