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Networking in ePO


Forgive me as a newbie to this product, I may ask some question that may sound foolish. I hope you can bear and help me understand the product. I am wondering on the background mechanism to connect a system so that it can be detected in ePO system tree.

1. Is TCP/IP connection between ePO server and the systems to be mannaged is enough to make the prospectous managed system to be detected? If not, then what information is used by ePO server to detect prospectous managed systems?

2. Some computers in system tree is registered but its IP address is left blank. Can we fix this or add the information manually?

3. I found also some Linux machine with some problem as mentioned in #2 above. Does anyone know how to overcome that in Linux machine?

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Re: Networking in ePO

1. Are you talking a bout RSD Rogue Systems Detection

Detecting systems on the Network that are not managed by the ePO server pelase look at the product guide for RSD module

Rogue System Detection

The Rogue System Detector (RSD) component of HBSS is used to provide real-time detection of new hosts attaching to the network. RSD monitors network segments and reports all hosts seen on the network to the ePO Server. The ePO Server then determines whether the system is connected to the ePO Server, has a McAfee Agent installed, has been identified as an exception, or is considered rogue. The ePO Server can then take the appropriate action(s) concerning the rogue host, as specified in the RSD policy. HBSS Baseline 1.0 introduced RSD 1.0. RSD was updated to 2.0 in HBSS Baseline 2.0.


2. /3. Registered meaning you see them in the ePO server tree without an IP ? Can you send a wake up agent call and get all properties checked