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Need help to extract ePO configuration settings

Hello Gurus,

I am basically a Windows admin and a novice on Mcafee epo, so please pardon me if the question seemed stupid or if I mix up my terminalogies.

I have got a weird request from our security team who wants to know if its possible to extract the server settings of ePO in a file format.

Specifically all the settings that are configured under "Menu -> Configuration -> server setting" tab.

The settings can be viewed from dashboard but security team wants to know if this can be automated by using web API or can it be pulled from the SQL DB or any other way.

For Example:

- The port number for Agent-server communication

- Event filtering settings

The idea is to monitor any changes thats been done to the configuration is authorised or not, One way of doing this is to check the audit log, but the only Web API I could find related audit log is to parse it.

Also, they are interested in server configuration changes only and not everything, I could see that you can put few filters from the GUI, but I don't see anything like that from the Web API.

Any guidance will be very much appriciated

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Re: Need help to extract ePO configuration settings


Some of the data you are looking for is stored in:

Server Ports:


Event Filter Data:

EPOEventFilter Joined to EPOEventFilterDesc



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Re: Need help to extract ePO configuration settings

Thanks Rick,

Can we extract any of these details using web API?