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Multiple License Keys


I have multiple license keys listed under Downloads -> My Products page.  I have what I believe is the most recent one entered in ePO at Cofiguration -> Server Settings -> License Key. 

I thought all was well, but recently noticed that our SiteAdvisor is showing up as Disabled and that the evaluation has expired.

When I look under Software Manager, McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus 3.5 is listed as checked in under the Evaluation catagory.

We own McAfee Endpoint Protection - Advanced Suite and McAfee Total Protection for Data.

I am thinking I may have the wrong key in ePO but of the 4 listed, how do I know which one is the correct one?  Am I able to add multiple keys to ePO?



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Re: Multiple License Keys

ePO 4.6 has a few other issues with license keys..

One of the MAJOR sellings points of ePO 4.6 was the software manager...but it only works if all your grant numbers are under one license key..

But, if you manage products under 1 epo server, but the products are acquired by different groups with different budgets, then you have separate grants and seperate license numbers...and suddenly that great software manager becomes pretty useless..

There SHOULD be the ability to enter MULTIPLE license keys....but no...

Only ONE license key...the one that holds the license for ePO, is supported..