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Moving Installation Drive

Helloo Everyone,

I'm having a challenge with my EPO server, C drive is full. Please advise if its possible to work i recreate a  new server with a lager disk same name and IP, install a new EPO then connect to the previous DB.

Another one i would like to know if its possible to move the installtion Drive from C to D drive which has more space. I would also appreciate any other option you think its ok to go around resolving this.

I've realized the folder Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Events is taking most of the space. I had set the logs to be purging but it seems it wasnt working can i delete the folder?

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Re: Moving Installation Drive

Your event parser service has stopped and you need to get it working. That's why you have so many events. You can temporarily copy the events out of the folder to make space. But you need to put them back for processing. Ultimately the folder should empty out except for the flow of incoming events.

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Re: Moving Installation Drive


Thanks for your reply, do the logs play any key role other than just giving details? what will happen if i just empty the folder then have EPO do new logs afresh?

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Re: Moving Installation Drive

Hi Meshack,

As you have mentioned the DB\Events folder is taking most of the space. The DB\Events folder will stores all the events generated from the client machines which supposed to pass to your ePO Database to store into it. If the eventparser service is not running or there is any issue with eventparser, those evnets will stuck into DB\Folder and not move to ePO database. So please check if the ePO eventparser service is running, if it is running try restarting it.

Answer of your questions:

do the logs play any key role other than just giving details? 

Ans: Here (DB\Events) I don't think you will see any logs, you will see only events which is generated by client machines and reported to ePO where ePO supposed to pass those events to database and store into it.  Those events are very usefull when we do reporting in futures to know what happened in past.

For example: Suppose there were 2000 machines infected in year 2012 and today in 2013 we need a report to know how many machines were infected in year 2012 from Austin location.   So here we are going to create a query in ePO to get that reports and that query runs and search for the events which were stored in the database and will give you the reports.

Also the logs are very important for trouble shoot the issue if incase something goes wrong with the ePO server.

what will happen if i just empty the folder then have EPO do new logs afresh?

Ans: if you just delete those events you will get the data if you need reporst in future to know what happen in past. But yes the ePO will work fine and store only new events into database.

If you wish to change the current ePO installed drive C:\ to D:\ then you can refer aticle KB71078 or if you want to migrate your current ePO server to a different server you can refer article KB66616.

you can search for these articles from:



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