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Moving EPO 3.6.1 on new server with New name+New Ip Address


I need to Migrate my epo 3.6.1 Server on a New pc with New IP Address and new Server Name.

Can any body help me in this with the guide Lines?

Is there any KB Article from McAfee on this scenario?

Thank & Best Regards

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RE: Moving EPO 3.6.1 on new server with New name+New Ip Address

There's a KB explaining what to do when changing epo server name (only regarding SQL):

About the agents that are already installed I think you will have te re-deploy them

EPO Server Rename & Change IP

Hi ulyses31,

Thanks for the Information. Do i need to un install clients and redeploy them?
Any idea abou that?


RE: EPO Server Rename & Change IP

I think the easiest way is to redeploy agents to your computers but you won't need to check it again in your repository because if it's working as it should be the agent in your repository will be automatically encoded with your new epo server settings
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RE: EPO Server Rename & Change IP

when you have populated the directory with placeholders ( through an imported list of machines, or AD or whatever).....

make sure when you send out the agent install you check to force install and UNCHECK the only install on computers that do not have an agent.

this is the equiv of the /forceinstall switch for the agent install and will install over the old version.

2 caveats:

*make sure you have rights
*switch off the macfee access protection rules that stop mcafee processes from being stopped as these may stop the new agent install (you can put them back once you have migrtaed)