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Move to ePO 4 from 3.6.1


I'm hoping someone can give me some pointers on making the move to ePO 4. Currently, we have a 3.6.1 server set up. We want to set up a new server with ePO 4. The new server will have a different IP address and server name. I called McAfee support, and they told me I would have to upgrade the current server to 4, then migrate everything over to the new box, keeping the server name, and IP address the same. It seems like there should be a way to do this, and have a different server name/IP on the new box.

Can someone enlighten me on this?

Thanks in advance!
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Move to ePO 4 from 3.6.1

I don't buy what they are selling. I setup a seperate ePO 4 server pointing to a newer SQL Server - exported my Policies from 3.6.1 and imported them to 4.0 - built a new Folder structure, as I did not like the one we had in 3.6.1 - exported a list of computer accounts in 3.6.1 and manually added them to ePO 4.0 without pushing an agent to them.

As I want to - I simply push a Common Management Agent 4.0 to the devices I want with a Force over-write - the newer agent installs and starts talking to my 4.0 server. I then go back and delete the device out of my 3.6.1 server.

Has worked so far - limited deployment thus far.

Total I have over 5,000 devices I am managing and I have less than 100 moved over at this point. I plan to start a major push to the new server prior to Q4 of 2009 - I am trying to keep my SOX Compliance Reports for a given quarter consistant.

RE: Move to ePO 4 from 3.6.1

Exactly. I know other people have done it. One of my main concerns was how to get the current computers to communicate with the new server. Here's a little more detail as to what we want to do:

1. Setup new ePO server. New name and IP address
2. We want to use the existing database that the 3.6.1 server is connected to.
3. Current 3.6.1 server has groups set up based on IP sorting. On the new server, we want to do an AD import.
4. Copy all policies from the existing server to the new one.
5. Check in all current software and patches
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