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Move ePO Db to another SQL version


We have an epo 5.3.5 running on windows 2012r2 server.Presently this epo has its Database on sql 2008r2 cluster.We need to move this Database to another server which is hosting sql 2012 sp3 database.We would like to know if the backup of present sql version when restored on 2012 sql with sp3 version is compatable with epo 5.3.5.

Any other procedure to be followed during this database migration to other sql version?

Thanks in advance for your support

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Re: Move ePO Db to another SQL version

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Re: Move ePO Db to another SQL version

The mentioned KB DOES NOT supply ANY information to my first view regarding CHANGING/UPSCALING SQL Version to a new Version. (KB68427)

This article provides instructions that are useful for the following:

  • Moving the ePO database from one SQL server to another SQL server.
  • Moving the ePO database without moving the ePO server.
  • Migrating the ePO database to a new SQL server, while keeping the same ePO server.

@Mcafee, important information is missing in a Mcafee KB regarding to the version change

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Re: Move ePO Db to another SQL version

I don't know about McAfee official stance but I've personally moved from MS-SQL 2008 R2 to MS-SQL 2014 by backing up the DB and doing a restore.  I even up leveled the SQL mode to 120 afterwards.  I've been running in this mode with ePO 5.3.2 for about a year now after the migration.

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