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Move EPO to new box


We want to move EPO to a new server. We are using EPO 4.0.

The DB is on a separate box.

We would need to change the name of the server, but can keep the same IP addy, (or can change it if need be).

I am right in thinking that all I need to do is create a DNS alias for the and the next time the agent will comm it will first look for the server name and if it cant find that wit will try the IP addy?

Any problems anyone has had or if this is completely wrong, then id be thankful for the advice.

Many Thanks
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RE: Move EPO to new box

I think you can move to new server using the exsiting ip Address around 85% will change to the new Epo server name as its overwriting exsiting one.

Other System you can reinforce the installation for multiple time.

Some other knwo butter then me.