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More duplicate Agent GUID questions

I have seen a couple of posts where people have been able to run the reg delete command on a remote computer to delete the Agent GUID entry from the registry. I am curious if this command can be executed from the manager somehow? The reason I ask is because we have 1 manager to multiple domains and I want to be able to run my query for machines that are not collecting properties correctly and then run a task from the ePO console to delete the Agent GUID's and then restart the framework service and check-in to re-create the Agent GUID. I think that would solve a lot of my issues with about 400-600 machines in my environment not collecting properties and not downloading the latest DAT's files.

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Re: More duplicate Agent GUID questions

I was doing a little more searching. Is everyone just using the info in this article?

It appears that I can execute "Move GUID to Duplicate List and Delete System" and that will force the agent to create a new GUID when it checks in the next time? Am I reading that correctly?

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Re: More duplicate Agent GUID questions

Yes I let the system do all this for me now with the server tasks in epo 4.5, you need to have the appropriate agent version for it to be able to regenerate a GUID though.

what epo and agent versions do you have installed?

Re: More duplicate Agent GUID questions

Thanks for the reply Tony. We are currently running on ePO 4.0 but our agents version throughout our environment is 4.5. Would I still be able to use this procedure?