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Monthly Compliancy

Hi All,

I have been running a monthly compliancy list for my estate and have come up with a few issues. I've dome some research on here and before i go out and act i would please like some confirmation that i am following the right lines. I have 4 types of issues with machines in the compliancy list. These are:

  • Blank Info - In this case the machine brings back information about the agent but the other feilds are empty. Yet in some cases i can click on a machine and it has a list of installed products. I'm unsure about this issue and how to resolve it
  • %%NewEngineVersion%% as Engine. I believe the soloution to this is to insert a registry key as described in this post
  • No DAT updates. I have a few desktops that are alway connected that will not update there dats. I get connection errors and update failed. I believe the soloution f rthis is to enable debugging mode as descibed here
  • DAT 1111 i believe is the same as above

Im running machines on agent 4.6 with epo server on 4.5. We mainly have VSE 8.7 with a few 8.8 pilots. as usual any help and guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys