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Missing Sitelist.xml on server

Anybody know a fix or repair for this?

I've got VM's going to our remote repository and desktops going to the correct repository. The sitelist.xml on the VM's has multiple incorrect old repositories that haven't existed for months or years.

My physical clients and my ePO server are missing a sitelist.xml file completely. I've searched the C: drives and I've manually checked the "C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework" folder and the other Program folders.

SERVER: The "C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework" folder on my ePO server is empty. Not one file in it and I'm showing hidden and OS files.

PHYS CLIENT: The Common Framework folder has 1 file:  VIRUSSCAN8800_UPDATE_0.ini

I've only checked limited set of physical machines so far.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Re: Missing Sitelist.xml on server

Hi, I have the same issue. I have built a new EPO5.9.1 server with Agent to move from EPO5.1.0 & Agent 4.8.

I installed the new agent (FamePkg) manually over the existing 4.8 to move to the new server. I noticed the sitelist.xml didn't change and was still the old one but the new agent was updating to the new server ok.

I reinstalled the agent, this time from the new EPO server and it removed the old agent so the \ProgramData\CommonFramework folder is now empty.

Now I have no idea where the repository list is. I thought I remember reading somwhere that these list are no longer XML but encrypted files somewhere but I can't find any reference to that and may be confusing that with some other product.

I plan to test with a fresh agent install, no older 4.8 agent and see what happens.


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Re: Missing Sitelist.xml on server

With the 5.x agents, the data directory should be under programdata\mcafee\agent.  There is no more sitelist.xml file with that agent, it is embedded in the encrypted db files.  If they are not getting the right repository list, check the agent logs to see if it is communicating with epo to get the policy change and verify that the right policy is assigned.

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Re: Missing Sitelist.xml on server

Thank you, this confirms what I suspected but I still can't find reference to it in any McAfee documentation. Event the Agent 5.5 product guide doesn't really say this from what I can see. But I can't remember where I saw this originally.

I have confirmed however new agents are using the correct repository.

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