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Migration or upgrade or new build of our current ePO

Looking for suggestions and recommendation for our migration/upgrade. We currently have a Windows 2003R2 server running ePO 4.5 to manage VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware 8.8 with patch 2 and SiteAdvisor Enterprise

The database is SQL 2005 Express running on the same server. Simple small network, with a couple of subnets. All clients are Windows 7, not using ePO to manage the servers.

We need to retire the existing server. Thinking about going to Windows Server 2012R2. Looking for suggestions as to what version of ePO, Agent, AV we should move to. Any ‘issues’ that you have come across with your migration. Should I even migrate, or just build new?

Have begun looking through the docs, but our environment is so simple that most of what I am reading is overkill.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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Re: Migration or upgrade or new build of our current ePO

check out page 27

if your environment is small and you dont have a lot of broken inheritance in policies it may be easier to start from scratch.  which means exporting policies, tasks and a few other things....then you can migrate machines by using transfer system functionality in the tree.  otherwise you would have to upgrade to 4.6, then use upgrade tool to move it to a new 5.1 win2012 server.