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Migration Windows 10 + Agent 5

Dear forumposters,

we are currently running Windows 7 and are migrating towards Windows 10 during the next year(s)

McAfee configuration:

EPO 5.3

Agent 4.8 towards 5.0.4

VSE 8.8 (latest patch)

I created a FramePKG.exe from EPO (systemtree/new system / McAfee agent 5.04)

After installation it boosts up the 30% CPU utilisation and remains there.

4.8 Agent does not give me any issues. Any reported issues with the agent on Windows 10.

btw: I want to start upgrading toward Endpoint 10.x and require Agent 5 hence my upgrade question.



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Re: Migration Windows 10 + Agent 5

There have been several post of 5.X agent ramping up CPU on Windows 10 - Was wondering, have you taken a look at the McAfee Agent 5.0.4 Hotfix 1174804 Product Documentation ID:   PD26863 Last Modified:  1/17/2017:

McAfee Corporate KB - McAfee Agent 5.0.4 Hotfix 1174804 Release Notes PD26863

No mention of Windows 10 - yet, several connection & communication fixes

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