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Migrating server tasks & reports withour creating duplicate queries


We're migrating our epo environment (V5.3.2 to V5.9) on completely new hardware ans SQL database.
All went fairly well up to the moment of the ex-/import of the server tasks & reports.

Exporting server tasks & reports does also contain the queries it uses, which is fine BUT.

While importing these server tasks & reports it create new (duplicates) of these queries.
Is there a way to migrate these tasks & reports and let them use the already migrated queries?



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McAfee Employee

Re: Migrating server tasks & reports withour creating duplicate queries

​, Welcome to McAfee community. YOu can surely manually export / import. If you take this route, you will have to do some renaming. McAfee ePO provides two sets of policies by default. One is read-only and the other is a copy of those policies but can be modified. they are named "My Default". So in your case, what you can do is delete these "My Default" if they are creating confusion. If you rename your policies on the old server prior to the export, you can also avoid conflicting names.

There is another way you can migrate policies. You can register ePO servers to each other (given that both servers are online at the same time). Then you can easily "transfer" your tasks/policies/systems etc instead of "import/export".

Either way, you will have to either rename/delete policies on the destination server if there is a conflict.

Be sure to apply policies to right system tree folder or tags if you are using them.

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Re: Migrating server tasks & reports withour creating duplicate queries

Hi Moe,

That doesn't answer my question, what you describe (migrating policies, clients tasks & queries) is not a problem I've already successfully migrated all those.

The issue lies in migration of the SERVER TASKS and REPORTS.

When you export a server task that makes use on a queries they are also imbedded in the exported xml file.
when you afterwards import this server task it also creates a new querie of imbedded one, which I don't want because I already have the querries imported that should be used.

I've exported & imported querries Qr1 & Qr2 from eposerver Es1 to Es2

Then I export server task St1 which makes use of Qr1 & Qr2 when I import St1 into Es2 it automatically creates also both querries double (in a subfolder names "imported queries")
I don't want that to happen as the querries used in the St1 allready exist and I want to use those without having to edit the server tasks end reassign the already existing querries and afterwards delete the duplicates.

If it would be only a handfull of server tasks & queries I would do it manually, but there are far too many and would cost me a few days.

It simply makes a mess with an overload of duplicate querries, and if I need to adapt a query then I'm not sure which one is used and I'm forced to change all the duplicate querries  

The same issue count for reports.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Migrating server tasks & reports withour creating duplicate queries


Sorry I misunderstood your question earlier. Are the imported "queries" generic or custom and renamed? So that way when you import "server tasks" which creates both tasks+queries, you can search and delete the duplicates. It sounds like you've already imported the queries and then imported server tasks?

Since both server tasks and reporting relies on your queries, it might be worth investing time in cleaning up the queries first and then associate them with tasks/reports as needed. I believe due to some internal database changes, the association between queries to tasks/reports are changed also. This is probably why when you import server tasks, your queries get created again. It is not aware that similar query already exists but with a different ID. Also FYI, queries can become obsolete sometimes, especially when extensions/products are updated. It's rare but can happen, again due to some internal database changes. Sometimes they need to be re-created.

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