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Migrating our existing physical ePO 4.5 to ePO4.6 on VM

Hello Everyone

I am planning to migrate our existing physical ePO 4.5 Server to new VMware Server with ePO4.6.

Current Physical Server configurations are:

  Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard Edition.

Sql 2005

ePO4.5 with VirusScan 8.7 P4 and Antispyware 8.7

Current suggested environment for VM Server

Windows Server 2008 Standard 64Bit

Windows SQL Server 2008.

   I am having 2300 computers in my network. How much minimum memory should i allocate for the VM.

  From ePO4.5 with VirusScan 8.7P4, can i migrate to ePO4.6 with VirusScan 8.8 P3.Any prequisites needed.

Please guide me procedure.

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Re: Migrating our existing physical ePO 4.5 to ePO4.6 on VM

I suppose you plan to convert your ePO 4.5 physical machine to a virtual one and then upgrade to ePO4.6

With 2300 computers you should have enough with 4GB RAM and 2 virtual cpu, even with SQL server installed on the same machine.

Patch 3 for virusscan can only be deployed on Windows 8 and Windows 2012 systems.

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Re: Migrating our existing physical ePO 4.5 to ePO4.6 on VM

No, i am not going to convert physical machine to virtual machine,

My physical machine is on windows 2003 x86, SQL 2005 with epo4.5 (Virus Scan 8.7P4  and antispyware 8.7).

I have taken backup of database and the necessary folders from c:\program files/McAfee EPO(Work, DB, Apache, conf and security keys)

My plan is to disconnect network cable from the physical machine and then reset that  computer account in active directory,

on the VM which is windows server 2008 R2x64  Standard edition  with SQL 2008, I will give this VM name same as my old ePO server name and also the old ip address and start the installation of ePO4.6 with Antivirus 8.8 P3

Now guide me the procedure, will i face any issue from Virus scan 8.7 P4 to viruscan 8.8 P3, Any prequisites needed.

Please do guide me the procedure i have more than 2000 computers with lots of exceptions, policies and my ePO is also not connected to outside world.

is this the right procedure to disconnect network cable and resetting account in active directory and doing the ePO4.6 installation.

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