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Migrating from ePO3.5 to PRP1.5

Hello, we discovered that our ePO has reached its end of life and not licensed for ePO anymore,
we have to move PRP. Which is a shame as I just got used to this thing.

McAfee tech support told me that uninstall ePO and install PRP onto existing SQL server is the best way. However, due to internal issues, we can't do this and have to go the long way.

The plan is to install PRP1.5 onto a new SQL server and run side-by-side with existing ePO server and slowly move all the groups/machines to PRP server.
The problem with this is that apparently PRP doesn't come with AD discovery task, so have to manually add clients by installing the agent. That's a pain!

Would running a script to swap the sitelist.xml make clients' machines appear on PRP server?

Please help!!

VSE 8.0i Patch 15 & VSE 8.5i Patch4

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