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Migrating ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5

I need to migrate from ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5, yet the scenario I describe my architecture.
I have a ePO 4.0 console with agnte 4.0 with SQL database in 2000, the database migration weighs 3Gb and I have to do the same in production server environments do not have proof.

I can support this report provides best practices for migration to 4.5 and Agent 4.5.

Thank you.

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Re: Migrating ePO 4.0 to ePO 4.5


Honesty, this is best covered in the ePO 4.5 Installation guide.

The Installation guide is searchable in the Knowledge base, which is linked here:

Primary consideration for you though should be that ePO 4.5 requires Sql2005 as a minimum.

You will be looking at an Sql Server upgrade as well as DB migration.