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Migrating EPO3.6 agents to new EPO4 server

Hi All,

Have a question with regards to migrating EPO3.6 agent hosts over to a new EPO4 host. What would be the best route to take, having read metalhead's sticky on how to migrate EPO3.6 agents over to an EPO4 SA-Repository, I'm not sure if this would work for me.

I've previously tried to push out an EPO4 agent install to all my hosts using SMS, pointing to a new clean EPOV4 server, but there was some issues with the updates which led to problems with HIPs installs.. the end result was to roll everyone back to my EPO3.6 server. not good Smiley Sad

I'm trying to migrate agents over to a new clean windows 2003 server build, with EPO4 and using a networked SQL2005 database server. What is the best route to take?? Metalhead's sticky seems to apply to upgrading EPO agents, given that my hosts are already on 3.6.0574, I'm not sure if this approach will work.. hence the new post. If it's a case of getting the agents to talk to a repository and have EPO just manage the updates and host management that would be fine with me.. I'd just like to know the right way of doing it Smiley Happy

Your recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Environment details:
My EPO3.6 is on ver with approx 250 hosts that have epo agent version installed. Majority of hosts includes mobile users that have both version 6 & 7 of HIPS in use, mostly HIPS v7.
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RE: Migrating EPO3.6 agents to new EPO4 server

I've had 2 epo servers for 2 different net.
It was decided to join the two server in one.
To migrate agent to the last server, I 've waited for a new version of a patch of the cmagent and make my last epo server as master repesitory and the old epo server became a distributed directory.
Since the new verseion of the agent was distributed, all workstations joinned the last server .

So make your epo 4.0 as last server.

orry for my poor english