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Migrate Mcafee Epo 5.1 to different server

Dear Community,

I need to move my McAfee ePO server from a virtual windows 2008 (64bits) server to a windows 2012 machine. ( its possbile to re-use hostname and ip) A different server is hosting the SQL database. we are also using McAfee move.

I did some research but i'm not sure execute the migration.

in the 5.1.0 EPO installation guide i found the restore procedure.

my question is would the Restore ePO from an existing databae snapshot installation procedure do the trick?

And how all the extensions and security keys are handled? (and do i forget other things)

best regards,

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Re: Migrate Mcafee Epo 5.1 to different server

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Re: Migrate Mcafee Epo 5.1 to different server

I'll try to answer your question as best as i can from my phone while in flight.

Your current production server should have whats called an epo server snapshot. You would see this from your server tasks via the menu. Make sure it ran successfully. The collection of keys and other important components are collected from your production system and placed into the existing database.

Here is one approach you could consider and due to my small kybd and time i cant elaborate further as i would like to.

1. Build new system with the name and ip of your existing production. 

2. Shutdown your existing epo server. This system stays in tact in case you run into unexpected issues.

You can always bring your prod back up and disconnect the new build.

3. Build out new server and run epo software. It will prompt at some point for the snapshot. Make sure you have your epo serial number and snapshot password as it will be asking for it. Also note your existing pirts being used so you can double check accuracy.

4. You will be asked for sql info such as sql server name and the epo db.

When you are done you "should" have an environment like your current production system.

There are other approaches but I thought I would let you ponder on at least one for now. Another deals with dns redirect pointers if you consider another server name and ip. Perhaps you will hear other approaches.

Best I could do at the moment.


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