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Merge\Combine VSE Access Protections Policies


This is my first post on the board. I've been searching for almost 1 week for a way to merge or combine several VSE Access Protection Policies with no luck. I'm managed to export them to xml and the ideia is to merge 5\6 policies into one, so to avoid human error on copy\paste scenario on the console, a Automatic way to do that would be great. Any Mcafee util or other program for this? Something like Winmerge capable of dealing with UDF-8 Base64 encoding? Thanks...

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Re: Merge\Combine VSE Access Protections Policies


There is no way currently, picking at the xml and re-inputting is probably the best way.

Note that the McAfee Default policy get updated once in a while and you should use that as your base policy to build on your specific requirements.