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I push the agent 4.5 to a windows 2008 server on that server was before all a VSE 8.7 standalone installation.

Wat a want is to see the mctray agent.

If a type "mctray -load" than disapeare the normal VSE icoon en if a type "mctray -unload" than a see the VSE icoon on the taskbar.

What a want is to see the agent icoon on the taskbar.

And another probleem if a type "cmdAgent /s" i get the error "Access Denied" on a normal windows XP staton i works fine.



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Re: Mctray

Your english is difficult to understand, but here a couple of thoughts:

The Mcafee agent icon doesn't seem to stick when installed on servers, I'm not sure why that is.

cmdagent /s would need to be run from an elevated command prompt, it does the same thing in Windows 7.  Try right clicking on the cmd prompt shortcut and choose run as admin.

I hope that helps.


Re: Mctray

Have MA4.5 installed on a DC and ePO box on virtual testing environment.

On DC it displays fine all the time.

ePO box sometimes icons disappears from tray, but eventually comes back.

McAfee Employee JoeBidgood
McAfee Employee
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Re: Mctray

Also a couple of thoughts...

The mcafee icon will not be displayed if you're accessing the machine using remote desktop - it only shows up in console sessions. I believe there are also issues with it not being displayed on 64bit systems - check the readme.

On a 2008 machine, user access control will prevent cmdagent from running - please make sure you're using the "run as" function to run it as administrator.



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