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Mcafee epolicy orchestrator login error

I am able to get the login screen but when i login it does not show me the Guided Configuration screen.

It shows me a Automatic Product Configuration screen.

This is the automatic product setup.It will download and install all of your licensed products.

Could not connect to the McAfee Software Manager web site.

Kindly advise.

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Re: Mcafee epolicy orchestrator login error

Hello Vinay,

you are seeing a dashboard which helps you to configure your ePO if you are not familiar with it.You can change it by changing the dashboard.
You can also login to McAfee login portal download your products then check in to the ePO.
Also check this article McAfee KnowledgeBase - The Product Catalog has not been downloaded yet (when accessing the ePO Softw... as the ePO is unable to contact the software manager .