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Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

I am having an issue with the agent 4.5 and Windows 7.

My issues are.

1.  Exclusions are never loaded into the client that the client should be getting.

2.  I can't load the agent web site to see what is going on with the agent.  I can't even do this locally

Is anyone else having similar issues or know what it is I'm missing?

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Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

version of virusscan is 8.7 patch 2, agent version 4.0p3 or 4.5?  vs 8.7 extensions from patch 2 checked in?

Have you reviewed log files, agent log would be the one to start on.

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Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

As for issue #2 it is http not https. Does it fail with http? does it fail with http://localhost:8081 (i.e. not IP) ? Does it fail with a different browser (like Firefox, etc.) ?

Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

For issue one

Have not verified completly the above yet but from what the article says this has to be done no matter what first.  Basically none of the ePO servers are aware of Windows 7 as an OS yet.

For issue two

removing the ssl did the trick.

Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7


Please can you let me know, what do you mean "removing the SSL" ?

I also have this issue.

Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

using http instead of https


Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7


Ok, well, that is not the issue I am having then I was already doing the url correctly.

But I did have an idea of what is happening, I think.

It seems that because I haven't run that script on the SQL server, therefore I think the policies are not being enforced correctly on the PC, I think that is it.

I seem to recall that on other PCs I am unable to view the log until the policies have been enforced,so by default I think it is not showing me the log files and until it updates the policies correctly (when the win 7 codes are there) that it won't show the logs.

There is no firewall enabled on the client PCs, so at least I think that is what it is.

Well, that is what I WAS thinking, but actually if you are able to see the logs ok remotely then I am not sure now?

Did you already apply that script to your SQL box?

If so, where you able to view the logs before or after you did that?

Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

We have yet to apply the script.

You should go to the machine locally run http://localhost:8081.

If you can see it locally then it is being blocked somewhere.  If you do not see it locally then you need to make sure you have the framework installed and running.

Nothing in policy from my knowledge sets that to be shown.  Otherwise how would you troubleshoot an agent problem that could not contact the ePO server?

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Re: Mcafee ePO 4.5 and Windows 7

by default the epo 4/4.5 agents block remote access to the log until they pickup the allow access from the server policies (I send a batch files to pc I really want to talk back NOW with psexec using the path "c:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\cmdagent.exe" /p /e /c or just wake them up a lot from the server if I installed from there and have an up to date entry

you would see this if instead of getting a 404 you get access denied when trying to access the log via http

ive also had some issues with versions of firefox 3.6.3 accessing logs ( xml errors) but they worked with ie so its worth checking other browsers too