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Mcafee blocks ports - help please


We deployed mcafee to our production enviorment, after successful testing.

However, it seems that some services on some servers stopped to work, and the only way around this was to disable the Mcafee.

For example - NEtbackup (Veritas) stopped working.

Weblogic (use port 8081) - stopped working,

and some other applications on diffrent servers, which I cannot confirm the port number they use.

Our EPO set with the defult values ie:

Agent-to-server communication port:


Agent-to-server communication secure port:

Enabled on port 443

Agent wake-up communication port:


Agent broadcast communication port:


Console-to-application server communication port:


Client-to-server authenticated communication port:


The "troublshooting advise" I got from Mcafee Support was to "reinstall \ restart the mcafee services, enable them one by one, and enable \ desable specifi settings until I find what the problem"... thsi is a real nightmare, I even don't know where to start!!

Did anyone came across this problem and can advise please.


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Re: Mcafee blocks ports - help please

Agent wake-up & Agen broadcast could be simply changed in ePO, Server Settings -> Ports -> Edit.

These ports will be active on all clients with McAfee Agent, so be sure to pick one, that won't collide. You'll also have to make sure, that these ports on clients are reachable from ePO.

Re: Mcafee blocks ports - help please

You can use something like the TCPView application to determine which processes are tied to which ports.

On more recent Windows OS you can also use 'netstat -b'



Re: Mcafee blocks ports - help please

I had this issue as well when I rolloed out VS 8.8 on my servers.  But the onaccess scan showed in its logs that it was blocking port 25.  I was able to change the policy for the servers to stop the blocking.  But you should see in the logs what is being blocked and it will say in the logs what port it is.