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McScript_InUse.exe High CPU Performance


we have a performance problem with mcscript_inuse.exe
The Script hogs CPU nearly at 100% to download dat file.
In this time you can´t start another application or type a letter with word.

We have latest agents and epo server running. VSE 8.5 Patch 4
Server is running on a new IBM Blade with 1 GBit NIC.

Does anyone know how to speed up performance when mcscript is running?
It thought about changing policies in common default protection to allow changing McAfee
Files and Scanmodules.
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McScript_InUse.exe High CPU Performance

We have the same exact problem. It also causes our remote users to loose their VPN connection. Have you heard anything?
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Re: McScript_InUse.exe High CPU Performance


We had this same issue when McAfee 4.5 agents were being updated from McAfee 4.0 superagents.  Please check which version of superagents you are using.

RE: McScript_InUse.exe High CPU Performance

Try update VS 8.5i to Patch 5...
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RE: McScript_InUse.exe High CPU Performance

Have you added the process to the low risk processes and disabled the read scan ?

Same Problem...

... VS8.5i Patch 5. Util maxing at 100% (or just under) just to open Word 2007. Seeking solution.


RE: Same Problem...

I have this problem too... any news?

RE: Same Problem...

I have a call open with them.... its taken 10 days for them to pull their finger out and actually look at issue rather than just ask for log files etc..

I'll update thread when I have more news...
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RE: Same Problem...

I'm having the same problem with a few PCs that I had edge sight loaded on. All report CPU usage of 90+ % and about taking 80 megs worth of memory. I don't have patch 5 loaded but does this seem to take care of the issue?

Thanks folks,
Russ Rogers

McScript_InUse.exe V.High CPU

Hi All

I also have this same issue. My call has been open for nearly 6 weeks now Smiley Sad

It doesnt seem to affect all PC's only about 20-30% of our estate.

Only had the usual responses, upgrade to VirusScan Patch 16, EPO Agent Patch 3 and EPO Server 3.6.1.

I have done all but the server upgrade at the moment with no success at resolving the issue.