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McAfee utopia


I am new to my environment and have been asked to advise on the best possible enhancement and layout of the McAfee implementation what would you recommend?

My current site has around 2000+ workstations 140 servers of which 40 are Citrix servers and another 40 odd are virtual servers what would you deem as best practice. This is what I have so far. Oh and for now there is a split so both are in different domains which is being merged as we speak.

What I have so far is site 1:

Dedicated ePO Server (with standard MSDE SQL2000) - 44 site servers all setup as repositories to handle local workstation updates per site

GroupShield 7.0.1 on main bridge head Exchange server

Servers covered with 8.0i client (this needs to be updated)

All servers and workstations are in individual containers in AD

What I have so far on site 2:

Non dedicated server (Full SQL 2000 database) - three site workstations but workstations are not managed as they are not in a domain - one server in Datacenter setup as repository to update all servers there.

GroupShield 7.0.1 on Exchange server

Servers and rogue workstations are running 8.5i client.

Only servers in AD

Both sites have the following:

They run full scans on weekends

Reporting is taking place on compliance weekly via a SQL query,

Monthly reporting is taking place via default reports

Daily checks are taking place on the DAT and engine versions

Breakouts are controlled via a predefined process with our service desk system.

Default scan created to contain.

What enhancements could be recommended?

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Re: McAfee utopia


All seems reasonable from your description. keep any eye on the DB size of the MSDE SQL2000, it's only got a 2Gb size limit.

I would call out one thing though for the future - when you consider upgrading to ePO 4.5 the minimum DB server requirement is Sql2005.



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Re: McAfee utopia

I would def get vse 8.7 patch 2 on those citrix servers, we had major issues with most of the patch releases of vse 8.5 and citirx servers, slow down, blue screen etc

what epo versions are you using? if 4 then get the patch 6 installed as it was a good un