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McAfee splash Screen

Wondering if there is a way to disable the McAfee splash screen on a windows 7 workstation. Our desktop team has reported that during bootup that PC hangs while the splash screen is displayed.


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Re: McAfee splash Screen

It's a setting in the User Interface policies for VirusScan Enterprise. Under the Display Options tab, in the Console Options section.

[Uncheck] "Enable splash screen"

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Re: McAfee splash Screen

Dont see and option for splash screen. see attached screen prt

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Re: McAfee splash Screen

It appears in the EPO policy not on the local client interface.

Re: McAfee splash Screen

Thanks I found it. sorry ePO was handed off to me by a coworker who left. I am still trying to get a handle on it all. Hoping to go to Focus 2011 and hit some labs. thanks

Re: McAfee splash Screen