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McAfee port for replication to distributed repo's

Hi All,

Can anyone confirm what port is used to do replications to distributed repositories?

We have a lot of high line utilization over port 445 and I just want to check if it could be McAfee.




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Re: McAfee port for replication to distributed repo's

Port 445 is not a default value for any ePO function, but of course some ports may be changed at install or after.

For a full list of default ports see McAfee support article:

KB66797 - Ports needed by ePO 4.x and ePO 5.0 for communication through a firewall

Re: McAfee port for replication to distributed repo's


The Application server (Tomcat) will connect to SuperAgent repositories using TCP 8081 (if left as default wake-up port) and push the content to it at scheduled replication.  For UNC, I believe it will use SMB (TCP 445). 

Extract from the EpoApSvr log in the DB\Logs folder:

SuperAgent replication (LazyCaching disabled):

20140128150610 I #06868 NAINET   Connecting to Real Server: host.fqdn on port: 8081

20140128150610 I #06868 NAINET   Connected to HTTP Server: host.fqdn

20140128150610 I #06868 INETMGR  Uploaded file eeff-install.mcs successfully in session 1

20140128150610 I #05504 SITEMGR  Incremental replication, file Current\EEFF____4000\Install\0000\eeff32.msi size mismatch source: 7528448, dest: 5813760, forcing upload

20140128150610 I #06868 SITEMGR  ReplicationUploadFile: Uploading file eeff32.msi to site ePOSA_SUPERAGENTNETBIOSNAME::Current\EEFF____4000\Install\0000, retry limit remaining: 5

20140128150610 I #06868 INETMGR  Uploading file eeff32.msi from session 1, LocalDir=D:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\EPOLIC~1\DB\Software\Current\EEFF____4000\Install\0000, RemoteDir=Current\EEFF____4000\Install\0000

UNC replication:

20140128151048 I #05280 SITEMGR  Incremental replication, file Current\ENCPTCNT6000\DAT\0000\ size mismatch source: 1776472, dest: 1775721, forcing upload

20140128151048 I #05548 SITEMGR  ReplicationUploadFile: Uploading file to site UNCREPONAME::Current\ENCPTCNT6000\DAT\0000, retry limit remaining: 5

20140128151048 I #05548 INETMGR  Uploading file from session 1, LocalDir=D:\PROGRA~1\McAfee\EPOLIC~1\DB\Software\Current\ENCPTCNT6000\DAT\0000, RemoteDir=Current\ENCPTCNT6000\DAT\0000

20140128151048 I #05548 NAINET   Uploading file: Current\ENCPTCNT6000\DAT\0000\ to UNC Server



Added UNC replication detail on 28/01/14 15:12:21 GMT