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McAfee ePo and McAfee VSE same DAT but different detection.


                 Last week I've recieved email with an attachment name "pay.exe" which detected as Advance Threat by my

Email Security Gateway using Sandboxing , then I used On Demand Scan with McAfee VSE 8.8 standalone (DAT 8288)

but it can't detected any virus or Trojan on this file (Virus total too). After 1 day I used On Demand Scan for scan "pay.exe"

again and McAfee detected this file as a Trojan (DAT 8289) As the same time I copied that file into another PC and used

On Demand Scan for scan "pay.exe" with Mcafee VSE+ASE 8.8 not standalone but controled by epolicy orchestrator 5.1.1

with McAfee Agent as same DAT (DAT 8289 deployed from ePO) but it can't detect that file !!!.

So, my question is why McAfee VSE+ASE 8.8 with ePO can't detect threat like McAFee VSE+ASE 8.8 standalone

with same DAT same settings same time and same scan ?

Please help because I don't know how many threats passed my McAfee scan like this case and infected into my organization.


Prachya Pintobtang

PS1. I attached screenshot of information about McAFee DAT and Alert on 2 PCs

PS2. For more information please contact me with ""

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