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McAfee ePO

I am facing issue regarding ePO, automatically uninstalled antivirus.

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Re: McAfee ePO

Hello anas,

check if the uninstall task of VSE is assigned to the group .
you can check it here Menu| system tree | < group> | Assigned client task.


Re: McAfee ePO


check as well te VSE installation tasks and make sure that anyone has changed the install option for remove option

Best regards,

Jose Maria

Re: McAfee ePO

1) Go to Menu / Assignments / Client Task Catalog.

2) Select McAfee Agent / product Deployment

3) Review any and all deployment tasks and their associated Assignment locations.

Remember, you can name a job anything, open ALL of them, see exactly what they are doing! Do you have Remove as an Action instead of Install? It's an easy mistake to make. Do you have a task that is mislabeled?

You issue is almost certain to be due to a silly mistake like this.

Good luck.

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee ePO

We've seen a similar problem before. It took us a few hours of troubleshooting before we finally discovered the issue. The administrator was using a tag-based deployment method (which is not unusual), but he also had a tag which was associated with a task to remove VSE.

It turns out the admin had both tags applied (install and remove), so in this case the systems would all remove VSE during certain times of the day, and then later install VSE, only to continue this process everyday (four times per day based on the client task schedule). My recommendation would be to check your tags.

Please let us know what you find, and good luck!