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McAfee ePO and VSE vs. Microsoft SCCM Endpoint Protection

Hi there

My company currently uses VSE (v8.8) with ePO (v5.0.1) to protect our workstations and servers. As we already have System Center evironment in place our management thinks we can save money in switching over to Microsoft enpoint protection.

I checked out some online reviews and tests (,, Gartners "Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms"). In general Microsofts product seems to be one of the worst when it comes to detecting malware and they don't have something like MOVE for virtual environments.

My question is, did some of you guys had to evaluate Microsoft Endpoint Protection vs. McAfee VSE lately? If you did, what sources of information did you use and what conclusion did you come to?

Thanks for your information.

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Re: McAfee ePO and VSE vs. Microsoft SCCM Endpoint Protection

We have not "evaluated" the Microsoft solution but i have done the market research and have come to the conclusion that the Microsoft End Point Security product fails to meet current needs.  Theres a report from Dennis Labs who conducted an independant test of a number of solutions to include McAfee and Microsoft.  When it came to protection Microsoft scored a -51 allowing some 47 malicious applications to be installed and run without detection.  Based on the conclusions of this and other reports (of which McAfee wasnt the best) i would stay far far far far away from implementing the Microsoft solution.

I located the Dennis Technology Labs report and have attached, its a good read. on 1/28/14 3:26:44 PM GMT-05:00

Re: McAfee ePO and VSE vs. Microsoft SCCM Endpoint Protection

Thanks for the report. According to all the reviews and reports I read in the last days, Microsoft seems to not be able to protect the system from Malware! They only excel in not producing false positives, wich is no surprise when the product does not detect anything .

If someone has more information on the topic, please post it.