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McAfee ePO Version 4.6/5.0

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to add machines/devices in ePO using using IP Address ranges ? For example, i have some Symantec friends who i would like to get to move over to McAfee. However this is a feature provided by Symantec that they love and hope McAfee ePO can provide as well. I look forward to the feedback , thanks in advance.

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Re: McAfee ePO Version 4.6/5.0

I suppose the equivalent would be the Rogue System Detector and an Automated Response

From what i can tell you would then have two viable options as part of the automatic response.

1. Add to system tree - Put the detected system into a predefined location in the system tree. You can then select all the machines and manually deploy the agent and VSE to them.

2. Deploy McAfee Agent - Simply install the agent

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Re: McAfee ePO Version 4.6/5.0

Yes, if you are talking about adding new machines to system tree.

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Re: McAfee ePO Version 4.6/5.0

You could also go to the system tree, new system and add a list of IP then push the agent. This way you do not need rogue sensors deployed. THe rogue sensors approach is the easiest if you can put sensors in and have credentials to install.

My favorite remains the login script, whenever possible.

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Re: McAfee ePO Version 4.6/5.0


its also possible,we can import the list of IP address (.txt) on system tree then try to deploy the McAfee agents

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