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McAfee ePO- Master repository update failed


I am getting the below error while trying to update the master repository.

Failed to validate repository McAfeeHttp. File C:\Windows\TEMP\nai6A1E.tmp\00000002\

But I am unable to find the path specified in the error. kindly help..

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Re: McAfee ePO- Master repository update failed

These are generally common issues. I would suggest you to check the amcore dat and regular dat along with the content as you have mentioned. They also have engine files too.  However, first, I would suggest going to the mcafee download site and download manually the v2 and v3 dats and content for epo and check them in manually to verify that there is nothing wrong in the repository for those entries.

Then also do the same for the engines which is mandate.

After you check them in, run the pull task and see if it still fails.  If not, test the pull later when a new dat is released.

I hope the abvoe information helps. Let me know in case of any furter questions.


McAfee Employee cdinet
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee ePO- Master repository update failed

The path specified is a temporary location and is deleted when pull task completes or fails.  Sometimes it depends on time of day that you run the pull - we may be replicating to it at that time.  You can try again at a later time and alternately try ftp to hit another site to see if it succeeds.  We recommend running the pull task a couple of times a day during different times of day to ensure you hit it at an up to date time.

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