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McAfee agent system tray icon after login


Every time I upgrade anything to do with McAfee I spend hours resolving issues that irritate all hell out of me. I'm running EPO 4.0 Patch 7, and have recently deployed the 4.5 Agent with Patch 2 to a bunch of systems in my environment for testing. Everything works fine, apart from the system tray icon. This has always been flaky for me - going back to EPO 3.0 some systems seemed to display the little 'M' icon, whilst others displayed the VirusScan shield (about 80% displayed the 'M', 20% displayed the shield). I've always resolved this with a manual wakeup of the agent using cmdagent /s. However, now whenever I log in to ANY system with the new agent deployed, I only see the VirusScan icon - and only get the 'new' shield icon by running an agent wakeup from the command prompt. If I log off, then log back in - same deal. This is happening on a mix of O/Ses (all Windows, but includes XP, Win7, 2K3, 2K8 - and on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms)

Any suggestiions out there?

Thanks, in advance

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Re: McAfee agent system tray icon after login


picking out one problem system: if you log in and wait, will the try icon be just appear by itself? (say within the policy enforcement interval)

We do not speak here using terminal sessions accessing problem clients in any way, do we?


Re: McAfee agent system tray icon after login

Not sure how long to wait - I've logged on to a couple of machines and left them for two hours or more and the VirusScan icon is still showing, rather than the Agent icon. My policy enforcement interval is set to 15 minutes, and if I access the agent log remotely I can see policies being enforced correctly during that period. Yes - sometimes I am talking about RDP sessions, but only on the servers, and always to the console session.

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Re: McAfee agent system tray icon after login

I would take a second look at those policy enforcements with LogLevel 8 at least. I think I remember having seen sometimes errors in policy enforcement not shown on LogLevel 7 which is the default.

After of course when you have made sure that the system(s) in question should receive an agent policy where the "Show Agent tray icon" option is enabled.

Re: McAfee agent system tray icon after login

" Still Flaky" Yes, for me too. It's likely a bug. At least now it's better, but still a handful of clients with this.

Terminal Sessions not involved.

I end up using a shortcut to

"C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" /s

when I need to see the agent monitor.

Agent version is . If you have the time to spare, raise a case with McAfee support.

Re: McAfee agent system tray icon after login

Yep - I've given up on it. I don't have time to log a call with McAfee - last time I did, for something completely unrelated, I almost lost the will to live. I'll just put up with dropping into the command prompt and running up cmdagent /s if I need to see the agent communication. Also got to say, way to go on making me go through another step if I want to see the access protection log from the system tray - it's always an improvement when something that used to take you two clicks or mouse movements takes more in the next release...